Comprehensive List of Survivor-Led Support Networks

National Victims Support Network - NVSN is a non profit organization focused on support and assisting victims and survivors of mass tragedies. Often these victims and survivors are forgotten as time passes and our goal and mission is to offer assistance to them as needed.

The Rebels Project: Mass Shooting & Trauma Support - The purpose of The Rebels Project is to provide support for anyone affected by a senseless tragedy. The current members are survivors, many of whom are Columbine survivors.

Shooting Survivors: Support & Resources - This group is for people whose lives have been affected by gun violence in any way - whether you experienced a shooting, a loved one was injured or killed, you live(d) around gun violence, or you were in the proximity of a shooting - no matter your connection to gun violence, if it has affected your life, this group is for you. The purpose of Shooting Survivors: Support & Resources is to provide community support and resources for each other based on our shared experiences. We also have a free online monthly Shooting Survivor Support Group that you can register for here.

Survivors Empowered - Survivors Empowered is an organization founded by Sandy and Lonnie Phillips after the slaughter of their daughter, Jessica Redfield Ghawi and eleven others in the Aurora Colorado Theater Mass Shooting in 2012.  Their original non-profit, Jessi’s Message, has grown into Survivors Empowered - a national organization created By Survivors, For Survivors, Empowering Survivors. We provide support and referrals for services to survivors of violence, and connect you to a support network of other survivors in your area. We train survivors how to tell their stories in a compelling way to speak to the issue of violence in their communities.

Survivors of Mass Shootings - Inviting victims and families who have experienced gun violence individually or in a group to come and share support with a vision of hope, love, joy, comfort, and peace after experiencing unspeakable anchoring moments. We are here to help each other through our healing process, rather it be a few days or a lifetime. We are stronger together if we unite!